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If yoga and
had a baby,

DRAW BREATH would be it

Make meditation easy, fun & instant with the relaxing, creative exercises inside Draw Breath


Make ‘breathtaking’ art


Free resources

Enjoy these free samples , audio meditations and extended exercises from the world of Draw Breath. If you already have your copy you may have wished that some exercises had gone on longer – this is the place to find extended versions.


Original ART

Like the style and illustrations inside Draw Breath? You can own a piece of the project by selecting your very own hand-made print from the book or choose from exclusive, original illustrations. Click the button below and decide on your favourite!


"This book is wonderful -
a really lovely and original way to express the deepest aspects of what mindfulness is and can do"

- Professor Mark Williams

AuthoR of the multi-million-bestselling phenomenon
‘Mindfulness; The practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world’

Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology
University of Oxford

co-Creator of the 8-week MBCT course

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