Free samples

Download and print the samples below – have a go at ‘drawing breath’ and see if it’s right for you!




Tracing up with your pencil on the pink lines as you inhale… and down on the blue lines as you exhale – use your breath as a focal point in the present moment and ride it like it’s a wave and your awareness is the surfboard... Surf’s up dudes!



Mandalas have been used in many Eastern cultures to train meditative states and offer a beautiful and useful focal point for your attention. Enjoy this reinterpretation of what a mandala can be – create your own meditative mandala in time with your relaxing breath!


Extended exercises

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THESE Extended guided exercises from inside Draw Breath.
refer to the relevant page in the book for the simple instructions.


‘YIN AND YANG’ Coherence

Page 59

Cardiac coherence happens at a different rhythmic breathing rate for everyone depending on lots of different factors. Experiment with the most common breathing rhythms and see which one you are most comfortable with. Can you feel the resonance?

‘breath COUNTING’ timers

Page 60

I wished these could have gone on longer in the book as I think they’re really relaxing… so here are some free extended versions! Print a few and have them on your desk for when things get tough… If ‘box breathing’ is trusted by Navy Seals, it should help prepare for whatever you might be facing!

‘Thinking Straight’


Done with honesty and curiosity this simple exercise shows how easily we are pulled away from the present moment and into rumination about the past or the future. Remember, noticing you have become distracted from the breath is not a failure, it is a success – it trains the habit of noticing when you are distracted so that you can bring your attention gently back to the breath.

‘Free-Breathing’ Pacer


This simple background is lovely for drawing a free-breathing practice on. It’s subtly shifting colours and textures remind you that each moment is completely unique. Let your pencil be an anchor in the present and see where the journey of the breath takes you on this colourful landscape.